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'CLICK, Preschool Power '
Track #344427

1. Clicking for Colors
Students will click on a color matching  the colored word with the color object.  There is three levels to advance.

2. Drawing
The students will draw a shape by connecting the dots. This a click and drag activity.

3. Catch the Snowflakes
Students will use the arrow keys to move the little boy (up, down, side to side) to catch the snowflakes.

4. Drag and Drop Shapes
There are six levels to this site. The first level is matching shapes by dragging to the correct box. The advanced levels are concentration game matching two identical items and then move on to spelling the names of the shapes.

5. Help Arthur Get Dressed
This activity will need to be read to non-readers. The students will help Arthur get dressed by locating the correct item.  This is a mouse click skill.

6. Juggling Clown
In this activity the students will use the arrow keys to catch the balls that the clown is juggling. Students will need to be quick on the arrow keys.

7. Matching Shapes
This is a drag and drop activity to match objects.  It is a simple activity, an  introduction to the mouse.

8. Feed the Monkey
Help the monkeys to catch the fruit by moving the mouse and clicking on the fruit.

9. Create a Character
Students can get their creative juices flowing by clicking and dragging animated parts to make a character.

10. Coloring
Color with Doodle Bugs! This fun bug coloring game is ideal for kindergarten or preschool kids who love to color.  This is detailed brush painting with five coloring pages. Click and Point Activity

11. ABC's Learn Phonics using Starfall
Starfall website has multiple levels for beginning readers and advanced reader.  Preschoolers can learn the phonetic sounds of the alphabet while learning technology skills to click the mouse on hyperlinks.

12. Betty Lou Goes Skin Diving by Sesame Street
Students will be ask to locate objects in a picture. There will be a picture that will be matched to a silhouette in black object. There are several games to complete. Click, Drag, Drop

13. ABC'S
Press any key and students will see and hear the ABC's. It is a different way to learn the alphabet.

14. Apples in a Basket
The students will use the mouse control to move the basket to catch the falling apples.  This is for the advanced user because the apples fall at a fast pace. It is a little challenging compared to the previous activities.

15. Mrs. Reecer's Webpage


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